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INNOVET Condrogen energy 60 tablets

INNOVET Condrogen energy 60 tablets

Protects and strengthens the joints

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Condrogen is a nutritional support for the protection and strengthening of the joints of growing dogs and dogs subjected to intense joint effort (eg sport dogs, working dogs or overweight dogs).
The constant use of Condrogen® can help reduce the risk of arthrosis in puppies predisposed (eg race, weight, activity) or suffering from orthopedic diseases that cause arthrosis (eg joint dysplasias, osteochondrosis).

Condrogen can be used from weaning to adulthood. Administer for cycles of 90 consecutive days, interspersed with 60 days of suspension, at the daily dosages indicated below.

ADMINISTRATION: From 0 to 5 Kg, half tablet; from 6 to 10 Kg, 1 tablet; 11 to 15 kg, 1 tablet and a half; 16 to 25 kg, 2 tablets.

Chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine are natural constituents of cartilage, capable, on the one hand, of activating the "neo-construction" of cartilage tissue and, on the other, of blocking any destructive excess (which is established, for example, at the dawn of the arthrosis process) . All to guarantee the correct self-renewal of the articular cartilage. Condrogen® contains a specific patented fraction of chondroitin sulfate, called NSCS 5/20, characterized by a low average molecular weight and a degree of sulfation similar to that of CS naturally present in cartilages. These physico-chemical characteristics give NSCS 5/20 optimal absorption, and a so-called “accumulation effect” after multiple administrations, guaranteeing high bioavailability and maintenance of chondroprotective coverage even during the intervals between one administration cycle and the next. ? In the product, the effect of NSCS 5/20 is supported and enhanced by glucosamine hydrochloride (HCl), the one characterized by a higher degree of purity and greater bioactivity than glucosamine sulphate for the same weight.

Dl-alpha-lipoic acid, a substance naturally present in various nutritional sources, works like the fuel injectors of an internal combustion engine: it pushes glucose into the muscle and, in doing so, activates the energy reserve necessary for muscle tone. As a "universal antioxidant", it also protects the containment tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) from dangerous oxidative damage, which inevitably occurs whenever free radicals exceed antioxidant reserves (for example intense physical exercise, arthrosis).

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle and the one that is sacrificed first in stressful situations, such as intense exercise. It is directly involved in the protein metabolism of the muscle, because it activates the synthesis of proteins and inhibits their excessive elimination. In addition, it actively cooperates with lipoic acid in antioxidant protection of the muscle.


Chondroitin sulfate (as NSCS 5/20) 100 mg / tablet
Glucosamine HCl 200 mg / tablet
Alpha-lipoic acid 20 mg / tablet
Glutamine 150 mg / tablet -

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