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DRN Epato Plus Pasta Gatti 2 syringes...

DRN Epato Plus Pasta Gatti 2 syringes 15 ml.

Complementary food for cats with Silymarin, MOS and phosphatidylcholine. Ideal support in the course of primary and secondary liver diseases.
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DRN Epato Pasta Plus Cats - 2 x 15 gr

Support of liver function during:
• primary and secondary liver diseases;
• acute and chronic liver diseases;
• in elderly animals or animals suffering from pathologies with hepatic repercussions;
• food and / or drug poisoning;
• therapy with anti-epileptic drugs, in order to avoid self-intoxication;
• long-lasting therapies (antibiotics in dermatological pathologies; oral antifungals; therapy for Leishmaniasis; therapy for Erlichiosis, ...).

EPATO® carries out a direct protective action on the hepatocyte, (not based on a conjugation mechanism), since:
⇒ the availability of ATI ONE increases, and this increases the detoxifying power of the liver;
⇒ it increases the synthesis of RNA-RIBOSOMIAL, and therefore increases the protein synthesis which favors hepatic regeneration, also increasing the basal metabolism and stimulating the appetite;
⇒ carries out a NORMOLIPEMIZZANTE action, which concerns total lipemia, the level of triglycerides and cholesterol.
⇒ it contains flavonoids that inhibit the COX-2 enzyme (Cycle Oxygenase2) which converts arachidonic acid into prostaglandins and, consequently, there is a reduction of all degenerative processes caused by inflammation.
⇒ it stimulates the formation of the enzyme SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) which protects the lipids present in the intimate structure of the cellular and ribosomal membrane, thus preventing the alteration that occurs in the case of hepatic degeneration from oxidative stress.
⇒ it contains MOS which, in addition to having a probiotic effect on the intestinal bacterial flora, "bind" the pathogenic bacteria and allow their rapid removal (in the form bacterium + oligomannans), through the faeces, protecting intestinal functionality.

How to use

Pasta: 1 ml Epato Pasta every 5 kg of weight once a day for at least 20-30 days

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