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Hill's wet a / d for Dogs and Cats...

Hill's wet a / d for Dogs and Cats from 156 gr.

For the nutritional management of animals recovering after serious illness, trauma and surgery.
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Hill's a / d cans for Dogs and Cats in cans of 156 grams

Hill's Prescription Diet a / d Restorative Care is a dietary wet food for dogs and cats to support after surgery, accident or serious illness. Its recipe contains special proteins that help wound healing and strengthen the immune system. The energy density of this food is high, and so is the concentration of essential nutrients to support the dog or cat in the best possible way after an operation or illness. Hill's Prescription Diet a / d Restorative Care is very tasty and has a soft texture, which stimulates the appetite and also allows it to be administered by tube or syringe.

Features of Hill's Prescription Diet a / d Restorative Care:

  • wound healing and immune system strengthening: thanks to special proteins
  • very high energy density & nutrient concentration: for the best possible support and nutrition after serious illness or surgery
  • very tasty: stimulates the appetite by promoting the intake of nutrients
  • soft consistency: allows administration by tube or syringe

Hill's a / d restorative in can of 156 grams is indicated in case of:

  • convalescence (including anorexia, weakness, recovery from surgery and tube feeding)
  • hepatic lipidosis (in the absence of encephalopathy)

It is suitable for:

  • patients for whom the primary goal is to avoid fluid retention or to prevent the accumulation of nitrogen, phosphorus or sodium degradation products.
  • patients who cannot tolerate high fat intake, eg. in case of hyperlipidemic pancreatitis or in case of previous pancreatitis or risk of pancreatitis.

Composition Ingredients:
meat and animal by-products, cereals, oils and fats, minerals. Very digestible ingredients: turkey liver, corn, fish oil.
Physiological-nutritional additives:
vitamin D3 (97 IU / kg), iron (48.1 mg / kg), iodine (0.9 mg / kg), copper (5.7 mg / kg), manganese (4.5 mg / kg), zinc (62.7 mg / kg).

Recommended doses

Weight of the dog Number of cans per day
2.5 kg 3/4
5 kg 1 1/3
10 kg 2 1/4
20 kg 3 3/4
30 kg 5
40 kg 6 1/4
50 kg + 3/4 pro 5 kg


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