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NBF Lanes Carobin Pet Pasta DIGEST 30...

NBF Lanes Carobin Pet Pasta DIGEST 30 gr.

Palatable paste based on Ceratonia Siliqua and Nucleotides known for the treatment of diarrheal forms and for immunostimulating action that favor the rapid compaction of stools.

Regulates intestinal peristalsis and quickly rehydrates the body.

Dogs: 2 cm of pasta every 5 kg of weight 2 times a day.

Cats and Puppies: 1-2 cm of pasta 2 times a day.

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Carobin Pet Digest palatable paste 30g syringe

NBF Lanes Carobin Pet Pasta DIGEST 30 gr. -

General Indications:

Carobin Pet Digest palatable pasta can be useful in all conditions of poor digestion of the dog and cat resulting from dietary changes and environmental stresses that lead to disorders such as: halitosis, coprophagia, flatulence, borborygmi, poor consistency of feces. The improvement in the quality of the stool involves greater hygiene of the perianal area which helps to counteract the problems of the attached glands that create discomfort and itching.

Carobin Pet is characterized by:

  • the adsorbing function superior to Kaolin and Vegetable Carbon, also useful for reducing intestinal gas;
  • the high buffering power against metabolic acidosis, frequent in protracted diarrhea;
  • the contribution of potassium to shorten rehydration times;
  • absolute compatibility with any drug therapies.

Carobin Pet can therefore be used for:

  • quickly compacting liquid or soft stools;
  • eliminate microbial toxins, organic acids and amines of putrefaction;
  • reduce pathogenic bacterial flora;
  • limit the accumulation of serum in the intestinal lumen in the forms of exudative enteritis;
  • avoid the symptoms of asthenia caused by dehydration.

How to use:

Administer with food or directly into the mouth for at least 3 days. In case of intolerance to fats it is advisable to use NBF Lanes Carobin Pet powder.

Administer Carobin Pet palatable paste every 12 hours according to the following dosage:

  • puppy dogs with liquid faeces: 4 cm of pasta, soft stools: 2 cm of pasta;
  • dogs up to 5 kg PV with liquid faeces: 5 cm of pasta, with soft faeces: 2.5 cm of pasta;
  • cats up to 4 kg with liquid faeces: 3 cm of paste. with soft stools: 1.5 cm of dough;
  • cats over 4 kg PV with liquid faeces: 6 cm of pasta, with soft faeces: 3 cm of pasta.


Vegetable oils and fats (corn germ oil), carob flour (Ceratonia siliqua L.) 12.35%, hydrolysed animal proteins, mono di-and-tri glycerides of fatty acids of vegetable origin (palmitic acid), white petroleum jelly , yeast products (Nucleotides 5'monophosphate-AMP, CMP, GMP-Na, UMP-Na) 1.66%.

Analytical composition:

Crude protein 5.3%
Crude fiber 1.1%
Crude oils and fats 69.7%
Crude ash 8.8%
Humidity 2.0%

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