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ICF Otodine 50 ml -

ICF Otodine 50 ml

Patented ear cleansing solution.

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  • Propylene glycol
  • Clorexydina digluconate
  • TRIS-EDTA buffered at pH 8 with lactic acid
  • Waterfall

Indication and target species:
Ear cleansing solution.
Otodine is indicated in dogs and cats.

The active ingredients contained in the formulation give the product:
- Cleansing action with removal of excess earwax.
- Adjuvant action in the therapy of bacterial otitis due to the associations of TRIS-EDTA with chlorhexidine.
How to use :
Pour the solution into the ear canal (ear canal) avoiding that the nozzle comes into contact with the skin, and massage the base of the ear for at least one minute to facilitate the escape of the material. Then with a cotton swab or gauze, dab and remove the material that comes out. If necessary, repeat 1-2 times a day for at least 10 days.
Apply the drops of the cleaning solution into the ear canal and inner auricle while holding the ear tightly with the other hand.
Massage the base of the ear with a movement from the root to the apex of the ear canal for at least one minute, facilitating the escape of the material.
With a cotton ball or gauze wrap the finger and enter the ear canal as much as possible, rotate the finger cleaning and drying the detergent and material mix.
Once removed, resume dexterity until the cotton remains clean. Also clean between the folds and the entire internal auricle.

Validity: 36 months

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