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ICF Skingel 50 ml -

ICF Skingel 50 ml

Skin Gel is a disinfected, healing and normalizing treatment for skin affected by lesions or irritations.

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Skingel is an ICF srl product, for topical use, which is characterized by a simple and at the same time very effective formulation, relying on the numerous properties of zinc oxide in combination with propylene glycol, glycerin and glycolic extract of sage.

Zinc oxide (more effective than zinc sulphate because it brings zinc ions for a longer period of time) has a high anti-inflammatory power, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, in fact it is also used in healing processes for internal and external lesions (increases the speed healing of wounds and burns). It also forms a protective layer (barrier effect) on the skin, playing a fundamental role in healing the lesions. Zinc is used to reduce sebaceous secretion, in the treatment of acne and seborrheic dermatitis: it reduces, by inhibiting it, the activity of the sebaceous gland on the type 1 5-alpha reductase enzyme. It has synergistic activity with vitamin B6. Finally, it is effective in all erythematous dermatitis having an anti-inflammatory effect (allergic, inflammatory dermatitis).

Propylene Glycol is one of the components used as a vehicle for the administration of topical medicaments. Provides a moisturizing and moisturizing action. It also acts against yeasts such as Malassezia pachidermatis. It is a humectant (acting on the surface tension, it favors the penetration of water), counteracting the drying effect of atopic dermatitis due to the associated skin hyperhidrosis.

Glycerin has a humectant and moisturizing action that enhances the effect of propylene glycol.

Finally, the glycolic extract of sage has an astringent, pain-relieving and anti-perspiration effect.
The product differs from classic anti-itch and anti-inflammatory topical products for the complete absence of both topical and systemic side effects.

The product

gel with zinc oxide
for Dogs and Cats

Zinc oxide
Propylene glycol
Glycolic extract of sage
Demineralized water.
Zinc oxide: it has a high anti-inflammatory power, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. It forms a protective layer on the skin and plays a vital role in healing lesions. In fact, zinc oxide creates a high barrier effect, thus protecting the skin from humidity and at the same time promoting the natural regeneration process of the epidermis.
Propylene Glycol: provides a moisturizing and moisturizing action.
Glycerin: has a humectant and moisturizing action.
Glycolic extract of sage: it has an astringent and anti-odorant, anti-perspiration action with a high stimulating and normalizing power of the physiological functions of the skin.

How to use:
After thoroughly cleansing and cleaning the skin (with Clorexyderm Solution):
- dry and apply Skingel in the skin folds and reddened areas, massaging carefully.
- repeat the application several times a day.


• for veterinary use
• topical use
• avoid contact with eyes.
• Keep out of reach of children.

Safety data sheet available on request for professional users

Validity: 36 months

Content: 50 ml

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