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CANDIOLI Acarene Spray 300 ml

CANDIOLI Acarene Spray 300 ml

Spray for external use indicated for cage and aviary birds, and pet rabbits

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  • Caged and aviary birds : Local treatment of deplumating acariasis, various plumage acariasis (caused by down mites, barbules, pollen, etc.), acariasis sustained by the red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae, passerinus etc.) and dermatoses caused by mites such as Cnemidocoptes pilae, C. columbae etc. of cage and aviary birds.

  • Pet rabbits : Therapy and prophylaxis of parasitic infestations caused by ectoparasites and in the treatment of ear mange, caused by Psoroptes cunicoli, of infestations by Cheylettiella parasitovorax, Sarcoptes scabini, Demodex burrows and fleas.



Shake the can before use, then spray on the subjects to be treated from a distance of 20 cm, avoiding excessive cooling due to the rapid evaporation of the propellant with consequent risk of respiratory diseases, operating with short sprays (about g 0.3 g of product) for each bird (weight 15/20 grams) and 15 ml (3 sprays of 5 seconds) for each rabbit (average weight 1 kg).
Avoid spraying the product on the eyes and beak of birds or on the snout of rabbits.
Repeat the treatment after 5 days.
In cases of depluming mites, it is recommended to burn the fallen feathers.
Do not exceed the recommended dose.

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